Thursday, July 10, 2008

These are two drawings from the Laib/Giotto series, pencil on paper, 14 x 18 inches each shown with a full page shot and then a detail. The drawings are done at actual scale to the wood remnants they depict. The wood pieces were patinaed by long exposure to the sun. Wolfgang Laib bought the wood from a lumber yard, asking for pieces that have been there a long time and had significant sun bleaching. He then took them to his studio and slowly bleached the other sides by leaving the wood in direct sunlight, turning them over once a year. Because of the time invested into this wood any scraps are precious, causing Laib to be hesitant to throw any pieces away. These drawings are portraits of the insignificant seeming scraps, adding an air of importance to them by treating them almost like relics.

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